• Composición Moku

Florencia Rothschild

Composición Moku

Composición Moku
Pigments on paper.
Polyptych      (each piece).
Florencia Rothschild. 

Framed Work

"Moku Hanga is a traditional Japanese woodblock printing technique. A thick wooden block is used, the matrix is carved with specific tools and printed without a die, using baren (a manual printing tool that consists of pressing the paper on the matrix to copy the image) with natural pigments on paper, which which allows textures and translucencies different from what commonly happens with other graphic techniques. In this composition I am interested in using the engraving as a serial image but playing with variables, putting together a unique composition. I am interested in the playfulness of composing, rotating, turning, reversing the image in other ways to form something new."
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