Jorge Cejudo


"Ballena Bailando. Plenitud".
handmade blown glass.
31x18x16 cms / 12.20 x 7.08 x 6.29 in
Jorge Cejudo.


These unique pieces are a metaphor for the Biblical passage of Jonah and the whale. The artist conceived them inspired by his wife's pregnancy and the name of his son, Jonás. They were made in hand-blown glass in 2013, and were stored for 10 years.We find shared elements of the pregnancy and the dancing whales, such as the breath of life, the inhalation and exhalation...the heat and the cold, the fragile and the strength, which exist both in the artisanal process of blown glass and in the gestation of life .The dancing whales represent joy, life. When performing the dance they are in two spaces (under the water and out of it), which symbolize the delivery of the placenta, joy, life.

Dancing Whale. Joy.

Dancing Whale. Gratitude.

Dancing Whale. Fullness.

Dancing Whale. Connection.

Dancing Whale. Whole


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