• Contorsionista Rosa 2

Florencia Rothschild

Contorsionista Rosa 2

Contorsionista Rosa 2
Glazed ceramic
12.5 x 14 cm / 4.92 x 5.51 in. 
Florencia Rothschild. 

"Modeled by plates, decorated with ceramic watercolors and enamel inside. In this piece I explore the intersection of ceramics + graphics. These ceramics, made in 2023, are part of the extensive Rosa series, where I am interested in exploring the textures, qualities and sculptural forms. The "universal" shapes that vessels can have, but also plates, reliefs on the wall, everything is part of the same body of work where I explore the visual from color, shapes, materials. The conjunction of ceramics and watercolors. The body is a central theme in this series, hyperflexible, fragmented bodies that combine to form something new, a whole that forms a new individuality but also a collective body, a new being More than human."
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