• El Azul

El Azul

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El Azul
Acrylic, Spray and Marker on Canvas.
120 x 80 cm  /  42.2 x 31.5 in.
Original Piece.
Alexis Cruces.

Framed Work

From the series "Narcotic Landscapes", this piece arises as a product of the revision of the work of the artist David Hockney and the relationship that I make of it with the theme of narcoculture (Hockney portrays life in the Californian suburbs with luxurious mansions, style of life similar to that intended by members of organized crime, so I am supplanting the sixties California by a pictorial and tropicalized analogy of current Mexico and its recent history). Showing in this way a landscape that is proposed as an analogy of a thought whose internal characterization is the cult of the Western object. The title refers to the pseudonym of a notorious Mexican drug trafficker who is not known for sure if he is dead or alive.
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