• S/T , Serie Rosa 6

Florencia Rothschild

S/T , Serie Rosa 6

S/T , Serie Rosa 6
Inks on paper. (Inks sensitive to sunlight, avoid direct sun exposure.)
41 x 31 cm / 16.14 x 12.20 in.
Original Piece.
Florencia Rothschild. 

Framed Work

"This series is part of a body of work where I explore the visual from color, shapes, materials. Ink and water as an uncontrolled control, where the flow of these two materials on the paper leaves a mark and a gesture that erases contours. The body is a central theme in this series, hyperflexible, fragmented bodies that combine to form something new, a whole that forms a new individuality but also a collective body, a new being more than human."
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