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Search for Meaning

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Search for Meaning
Acrylic on canvas in a white wood frame.
124 x 94 cm / 48.81 x 37 in. 
Alexander Grawoig

Framed Work
"As an artist, I am filling a void. My family has no traditions. My great grandfather was a Jewish immigrant who fled from Ukraine to the US in the 1880s, changed his surname to fit in, and disconnected from his past as a result. He eventually became a painter and I loved looking at his one surviving painting when I was growing up.
I have adopted his original surname to honor his sacrifice. I also left my home in California and have lived in Mexicofor nearly a decade, never stepping a foot back in my native land.
My paintings are mostly about the profound alienation I feel(and have felt throughout my life) in our contemporary society."
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